• Paula D.Berry

    Paula D.Berry

    Enjoy books, art, music, history, animals and new developments in science. Background in interdisciplinary humanities, art, and law.Stop fracking!

  • Patrick Niall

    Patrick Niall

    Creative Director of forpeople Amsterdam. Like Science Fact, Love Science Fiction. patrick@forpeople.com

  • FoodCorps


    Together with communities, FoodCorps connects kids to healthy food at school so that every child — regardless of race, place, or class — is ready to learn.

  • Lindsay Abrams

    Lindsay Abrams

    Training Lead @PRX. Design Thinking + Media Innovation. @readingirl

  • Tracy Brighten

    Tracy Brighten

    Freelance writer and copywriter. Heathy nature, healthy people advocate. Sustainable living is our future. www.tracybrightenwriter.com

  • Glenn Wilhide

    Glenn Wilhide

  • Mike Laurie

    Mike Laurie

    Designing human centred systems with pictures and words. Snoozing is a super power.

  • Tom Morton

    Tom Morton

    Reads. Writes. Talks. Mostly about food, drink, books, bikes,music and living on a Scottish island. Check out thebeatcroft.co.uk and @thebeatcroft for more.

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