Some pigs are routinely dosed with veterinary medicines. Picture: Jim Wickens/Ecostorm

Cattle ranching in Brazil has been linked to deforestation. Picture: Greenpeace
Forest fires in Brazil — often linked to land clearance for beef cattle farming — have provoked global concern. Picture: Daniel Beltra/Greenpeace
The livestock sector uses more than 80% of the world’s farmland, yet provides only 18% of global calories. Photograph: George Steinmetz/The Guardian
Significant deforestation has been linked to the beef trade in South America. Picture: Greenpeace
Forest fires are frequently linked to clearance of land for beef ranching. Picture: Jim Wickens/Ecostorm
Forest fires have been found to be more common within the buying zones of beef companies. Picture: Jim Wickens/Ecostorm

Andrew Wasley

Award-winning investigative journalist specialising in food and environment issues. Full coverage see:

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